Mega Structures in the World Today

2013-07-31 11:05:20 admin

Tall structures make cities look beautiful and in most incases, they are used to measure the development of the any place. Mega structures are attractive and they look expensive. This is true because they take a lot of time and funds to construct. A good example is the Empire State building in New York, Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Burji Khalifa in Dubai.
There are still more plans to construct mega structures in various cities around the world. This is due to development and desire to have more in developing countries and also in the rich ones. In Miami, a tall building known as Miapolis will be constructed in in future. Another one known as Kingdom Tower is planned for in Jeddah and also a 2000 meter high whopper in Dubai. That would be the tallest; it’s around two kilometers high towards the sky.
People dream big and the proposals are unbelievable. Some of the mega structures that have suggested are too high. The Ultima Tower would stand at around 3281 meters and the X-Seed 4000 measuring 4000 meters high; it would even be higher that popular Mt. Fuji. Though these ones are not yet under construction, only time will tell how high the mega structures can go.

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